Thursday, August 11, 2011


Do you have an established routine at your house?  Of any kind?

I don't mean that every minute has to be planned out.  Just a few things that are set in stone, that is the order they happen in, or that is the time you do those things?

Well, I think all kids LOVE routine.  Whether they know it or not.  It's one of those things that they enjoy in the back of their mind.  And sometimes enough that they will voice it.

For instance.  The last week, I was at my moms with 9 children.  At my house we have routine, certain things we do at certain times, etc etc.  And I think sometimes things go smoother especially with a larger number of kids when you have a routine.  Anyway....I established a non-written type of routine with the children while there.  I would tell them it was outside time, or park time, or video time or book time, or game time, or swimming time, or lunch time etc etc.  And towards the end of the week one of the children said, This is so great having like a schedule or something.  A set time for a movie, and playing games, and everything I like it.  Another kid at a later time also said I wish we had a schedule like this at home, we just pretty much sit around all the time and watch tv.

So just incase you think routines are overrated, your children might not.  Some make a plan, and come up with a simplistic routine to get yourself into routine mode....then watch the children soak it up and enjoy the knowing, and the safety that a routine can give them! ;)

I have posted our "scheduled" routine which does not follow the time always, but the order for sure, click to this previous blog, but there are simple things like certain days we have baths, and praying and singing songs every night before bed time, and eating breakfast, brushing our teeth and then doing a chore first thing in the morning.  It gives them something they can count of if nothing else.


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