Saturday, August 6, 2011

Randomness v35

Monkey- Dad, don't sing at the table.
Bear- Yeah, it's against the law!  If the cops saw you singing they'd arrest you.

Me- The concert was super loud.
Bear- Like as loud as a bear can yell?

Monkey- Did a bider spot you?
Me- ?!  Do you mean did a spider bite me?
(that was a weird twist on words)

Bear- What did the road say to the chicken?
answer from Bear- I think you cut my head off!
( I don't get it either, but he sure thought it was a good one!)

6 year old niece- Don't tell that bug where I am, cuz I want to get him.

Monkey- My tongue hurts, I can't say anymore things.

Grandma- Kids, don't step on the hostas by the tree.
8yr old nephew- Wait, where are the hostages?


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