Friday, December 4, 2009

Interstate Breakdown

First I'm going to say some positive things. Atleast we didn't get in an accident. Atleast we have a friend who was willing to come help us immediately and give us a ride home. Atleast we are safe. Atleast I didn't break down on my way to or from the funeral today in the middle of nowhereville. Atleast TJ's fingers didn't get frost bite. Atleast we didn't get kidnapped and tortured by communists. Atleast our car didn't start on fire. Atleast we have another car. Atleast the chicken was on sale today. Atleast we have clothes. Atleast we didn't waste our money on a ChiaObama.

Now with the story.

Today I went over to Jeffers to a Funeral. Shortly after getting home I got our stuff ready and we headed over the church to decorate for the Senior Brunch tomorrow (Saturday) morning. On the way there, we took the exit for Faribault and when we went to turn the first corner to the church the car died. TJ restarted it and slowly headed up the hill, and then the Coolant Temp Light came on and beeped at flashed at us. So we were trying hard to make it up the hill and into the church parking lot. TJ thought it just needed more coolant so we borrowed Cathy's car and went to the store to get some. He put it in, and the car sat and cooled down while we were in the church. When it was time to go, we started down the road and had just pulled onto the Interstate when the light starts flashing again. So we pull over. We shut the car off and waited a few minutes, started it again and then headed for home. We barely got up to 60 mph and the light started blinking. So TJ went out to look under the hood trying to see if there was a leak in the coolant. It wasn't empty so if there is a leak it's not that prevalent. Finally we called Mike to see if he knew of a quick fix so we could make it another 9 miles down the road to town or our house. But not so... Mike decided to come take a look. In the meanwhile we are sitting in the car, freezing... :) And a police man pulls over and comes to check on us. Making sure we have help on the way, or if we needed some help.... and what not. Then while we are waiting the boys are just constantly talking.... Why was the police man here? Is he going to give you a ticket? Why did he leave already? Is there another police man coming? Are we going to call TowMater to come get us? This is not fun. I don't like sitting here. I'm cold. I'm tired. How are we going to get home...... You get the drift. :) Finally Mike comes, checks things out.... thinks we might be able to drive it and he follows. Start down the road and smoke is coming out like crazy so we pull back over. We called Triple A and got "TowMater" to come and get the vehicle and bring it to town, and we rode home with Mike. Thank the Lord for great friends who are willing to come help at the drop of a hat! :) God Bless you Mike!

So the boys got their first vehicle break down experience. TJ got his first breakdown on the interstate with his entire family in tow experience. And I don't think any of them liked it much.

Mike thinks its going to be the head gasket... Yipee!!! Just what we needed, another bill we can't afford... oh wait, I mean, atleast we have a car so we don't have to walk everywhere. :)

.... fun times.

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Your Mother said...

Oh my! Glad it didn't happen when you were going to and from Jeffers.

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