Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Vacation

We are having a lovely Christmas Vacation! We got to start early since the weather is wet, snowing, icy, and everything else! We decided to leave last night so we wouldn't have to worry about driving in all the mess today. And we are sooooo glad we did. Tomorrow we are making ourselves, (or maybe I should just talk about myself) and we're babysitting Addy, and another baby for a friend of mine who's day care is not open on Christmas Eve Day. So that works out that we can be here and help someone out. :)
We've had fun so far! I got to go to the best scrapbooking store in the world, and then to top it off we had lunch at Panchero's! The best restaurant in the world.... maybe not the best ever, but I really like it really alot really! :)
Tomorrow we will have Christmas Eve supper at Mom & Dad Wright's house and then Christmas Morning here at Will & Melissa's. Other than that we will fill our time with games, talking, eating and facebook! :) not kidding. We like to sit around and chat with each other on facebook instead of talking to each other's faces. ha ha ha ha
Fun times!
Well, can't wait to fill you in on the Christmas part 2! Tune in after Friday sometime and I'll have a few pics posted.

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Your Mother said...

Looking forward to spending time with your family this Christmas season.

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