Sunday, December 6, 2009

Monster Jam

Saturday night we surprised the boys with Monster Jam at the Metrodome. They did not know where we were going. We just said we'd take a car ride and see where we end up. :)
Here are a few pics and highlights from the evening.

This is Maximum Destruction. It is supposed to be one of the best ones. But he did not have a good night. Right away when they were just introducing them he rode over one of the jumps and broke off one of the front wheels. So he didn't get to be in the first racing part. But he came out at the end for the freestyle. As soon as he came out I said, this can't last long. They fixed the whole tire in 2 hours.... this was his first jump and then the axle broke and he couldn't finish his 90 seconds. Like I said not a good night for him.

They brought out a camper and Grinder drove right through it breaking it apart. This was the second time he hit it, but this time didn't work out so well, right after this his he flipped over.

This is yet another truck that tipped over. He said something about, nothing like tipping over and breaking his $150,000 truck.

El Toro Loco....looks like he tipped over but it was just a close call. He regained control and kept going. :)

This is us, right before we left the Metrodome. It was about 10:30pm. We all had a great time though. We'll have to do it again when the boys get bigger or some other time later!


Your Mother said...

So, were they totally surprised when you got there. Glad they had fun!

TJ and Stephanie said...

Yes, they were totally surprised. All we said to them was that we were going for a car ride. They had no clue. So fun! ;)

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