Monday, December 7, 2009

Holiday Train

The Holiday Train stopped in our town tonight, and Waseca. We actually went to Waseca to see it since it was there at 7pm....that way we saw it in the dark instead of at 4 when it wasn't quite so dark yet. It was pretty neat. We actually saw the train from a distance on it's way to Waseca when we were driving there.
Here's a couple snap shots of the train, us in the cold and Santa. :)

Here the kids are, waiting, jumping around, trying to stay warm. It was pretty chilly out there.

Here she is pulling in! There were tons of lights on every car. It was very neat.

They opened the doors and there was a band and Santa inside. Santa started things out with a little holiday rap. It was pretty funny.... When I say Santa, you say Clause... Santa ---- Clause ---- Santa ---- Clause!!!

Towards the end Santa came around and handed out candy canes to all the kids. That was exciting. :)

This is the Holiday Train Band. They did a pretty good job. We got there at 6:30 to wait, the train pulled in at 7....opened the doors at 7:15, and we left a little before 8. It was so neat though. I was glad we waited to see it in Waseca in the dark instead of in town here in the afternoon. :) Plus TJ was able to go with us, instead of just me and the boys.

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Your Mother said...

That looks like it was pretty neat. Glad you were all able to be there.

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