Monday, April 7, 2008


Wow. What a nice weekend. Friday and Saturday were both beautiful. Friday evening we had a bunch of people over and grilled hamburgers, hotdogs and brats. On Saturday we hung out outside a lot. We played softball with our nieces and nephews.

On Saturday morning for the first time since we've been married I had someone else cut my hair. That was a big step for me. Stephanie normally cuts my hair. I went to Great Clips. It was like 8:30 in the morning. I had gone to a couple other places but they didn't open till 9. So I walked in to Great Clips but there was a sign on their computer saying "Only cash or check" cause their computer wasn't working. I was about ready to walk out cause all I ever carry is our credit/debit card but the girl asked me if I know anything about computers. I said, "Why, what's wrong?" I really know nothing about computers but I figured maybe it won't be that hard to figure out. You never know. So I acted like I knew what I was doing. I had no idea. After 5-10 min. of trying to figure it out I gave up. I was about ready to leave but they said go ahead and cut his hair. I thought they would just write down my credit card number and enter it in when it started working. But nope, I got a free hair cut. Woohoo! What was even better was that I got a perm. So that saved a lot of money: ) So if you ever go somewhere and something is not working, pretend you know what you're doing and maybe you'll get something free out of it.


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RCW said...

You'll have to post a picture of you with the perm!!

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