Friday, April 25, 2008


It's pretty chilly out. It's snowing in western Minnesota right now. We have a chance of snow here. Yuck! I'm getting ready to go out in the yard and put some dirt and grass seed down.

I'm starting to get sick of American Idol. They voted my favorite off, Carly Smithson, on Wed. It's becoming a popularity contest, not a talent contest. But I'm looking forward to next week on American Idol. It's Neil Diamond week. Woohoo!

The Dove Awards were on Wed. I didn't do quite as good as I thought I would. I got 19 out of 43 awards right. Here's the list of winners. Signature Sound won 2, Mark Lowry won 1 and the Isaacs won 1 as well. I thought this was great, Point of Grace won an award for Country Song Of The Year for "How You Live". It does have a country flair, but they've never been known for being Country. I did pick that one though.



Melissa said...

I personally like Brooke on American Idol, but I'm not sure how long she is going to last. I was just thankful she wasn't voted off!! :) peace out

TJ and Stephanie said...

She's the one I wanted voted off. Her and Jason Castro. I'm kinda sick of them.

I'm calling it now. I think Jason Castro(dreadlocks boy) will sing Neil Diamond's "Song Sung Blue" next week.

Melissa said...

I've wanted Jason Castro voted off for a long time! I bet David Cook will sing "coming to America"

Will Mitchell said...

There can only be room for 1 American Idol in my heart. And that space goes to... FOUR HIS GLORY

TJ and Stephanie said...

Wow. Touching. I'm wiping away a tear right now.

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