Thursday, April 24, 2008


I saw this today on the internet. EWWW.

Detroit Woman Lived With Dead Sister For 3 Years

DETROIT (AP) ― Detroit police say they've found the partially mummified body of a woman in her 80s on the kitchen floor of a house where her mentally troubled sister was living.

Police say they believe the surviving sister had been living with the body for one to three years. They say the body was partially covered with newspapers and that a cat and dog apparently ate part of it.

The Detroit Free Press says authorities removed the surviving sister Wednesday night and took her to a crisis center. She's also in her 80s and appears to have mental problems.

Police say they went to the house after a neighbor called to express concern.



Will Mitchell said...

was it really necessary to post this? thanks for ruining my appetite at lunchtime. :)

TJ and Stephanie said...

Oh sorry, I forgot to put the "WARNING: THIS MAY RUIN LUNCH" phrase in the subject line.

RCW said...

It made me hungry for some beef jerky!! I'm sure the neighbors called someone. They were probably wondering what smell was. Hey Will have you ever smelled a dead body before?? I bet at first the lady had maggots all over her kitchen. Hard to tell the difference between them and the rice!! Well I bet your real hungry now Will!!

Will Mitchell said...

Thanks for that b/c before I was about to eat lunch and now I'm about to eat dinner. Much appreciated.

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