Thursday, April 10, 2008

Water, Water, Everywhere

So all the time I am searching for what to post about. I'm always hoping for a funny story or something during the day. I was going to work some overtime today so I went into work at 6am. One of the guys at work said I was supposed to call my wife cause she called. I gave Stephanie the phone number at work in case of an emergency. So I knew it wasn't good. Well, the hot water valve under the sink was all corroded and it fell off. There was a mist of hot water spaying out. I ended up working a little over an hour. Thankfully, all out toilet paper was under the sink so that soaked up a lot of it. There was also a 3-drawer thing under the sink that was full of water. So that held a lot of water too. Some water did get on the carpet. We aren't really sure if water got in the walls yet or not. Hopefully not. The plumber came earlier today and has already fixed it. He said something about the cleaning chemicals we had under the sink. Maybe the combination of some of them corroded the valve. We thought that was kinda weird. The house is only 2 1/2 years old.

We've been married for almost 6 years and this is our first "house disaster" so that's not bad at all.

Like I said to Stephanie, at least I have something to blog about now.



Dana said...

What are you doing with all of those toxic chemicals under your sink anyway?? You know if you have the norwex rags you don't need any of that crap anymore. Start being a little more earth friendly and dump those chemicals in a landfill.

RCW said...

Make sure the landfill you throw those chemicals in is close to Dana's place so she will be able to get the benifit out of it also.
Sounds like you really got yourself into some hot water.

Amy Kramer said...

Yes, good point. Hopefully house disasters continue to happen so you have something to blog about. :) jk
At least it was only a small water leak. It could have been a LOT worse... like you guys could have broken a dish or something!!

TJ and Stephanie said...

That would be a lot more serious. Hopefully, we never break a dish.

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