Wednesday, July 18, 2007


For those of you who may be wondering why I've only gone 14 days without breaking glass, remember I only work 3 or 4 days a week.

I got an email today letting me know that Chris Farley lives! Wow!

Have a good day.



RCW said...

Your friend "J.A." showed me this picture last week. It's great!! There's a good chance that maybe JD and Howard and Vestal might be out there somewhere too!!

Louis O'Tool said...

TJ, I think you should count consecutive days that you didn't work, and then if you break glass on those days you have to start all over. For instance, if you don't work on August 8th, but you're sitting at home on your sofa, the one with the afghan draped over the back, or possibly you're at a friends house who has a patio with some nice patio furniture like a table with umbrella and chairs, and an ottoman, and someone hands you an ice-cold glass of countrytime lemonade, the kind you would drink on a warm summer's day after coming back from the swimming hole. And since there's ice in that glass, it makes the liquid colder than the air surrounding it, but you live in the upper-midwest right, which is humid on most days in the summer, because our corn sweats, which causes a substantial amount of humidity, and I heard that on Paul Harvey so you know its true.

So your sitting on your friends patio and this glass of lemonade, after you took that first sip, you set it on the table so you can continue conversing with your friends, then you go back for a second refreshing drink, and what do you know but that the condensation on that glass has caused it to be a little slippery, and you drop it. Fortunately for you that was made out of corelle, which was supposed to be unbreakable but trust me, it can be broken, but it is harder to break than regular glass. So when it slips out of your hand, it hits the table top, which is made out of glass, and the corelle doesn't break, but the table top does. Then you have to stop counting right there.

But if that doesn't happen, then you can count the day as "non-glass-breaking-day", even if you didn't go to work that day.

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