Monday, July 9, 2007


My record for "Consecutive Days of Work Without Breaking Glass" is at 12 right now. The guy I work with broke a piece last night, but I'm still holding strong.

On Saturday evening Stephanie and I were driving and got stopped by a train. While we were waiting there we could see someone walking on the other side of the train. Now, it was around 7pm so there was still daylight. I told Stephanie, "I wonder what he's doing?" Well, he stopped at the first tree and started peeing! There was a whole line of cars and he's just standing there peeing. He didn't walk to the farthest tree, or go behind a building. He went to the closest tree by the road. Thankfully, we were on the other side of the train so we didn't see "anything". But I feel sorry for those that were waiting on the other side.

The Live Earth Concert to make awareness for global warming was Saturday. This next part is from christian comedian Jeff Allen's blog on Gaithernet.
"Well I feel so much better today about the future of our planet. After the weekend Rock concerts to save our planet from cooking itself, I slept so much better. The funniest thing about the concerts was the paradoxical nature of the people in the audience having the time of their lives, whilst the doom and gloom messages scrolled behind the artists. Come on, if people really believed this crap I don't think they would have enjoyed the weekend so much. This whole thing is some kind of Marx type training program for the next generation; hence all the cartoon advertisements, as if they have given up on converting any rational thinking human, and are going straight for the moron who gets all his science from a cartoon. I.e. the average eight-year-old.

I know that sounds a little cold hearted, which could be the solution to Global Warming. Maybe we need to be a little more cold hearted and a lot less gullible. Perhaps we can get enough cold hearts and cool this planet off. Maybe the problem is not the SUV's but all these warm fuzzy propaganda pieces coming out of Hollywood.

I enjoyed Bon Jovi, but I admittedly had a hard time connecting anything he did with a solution to any dilemma the planet may be going through. I am less worried about New York drowning from a melting Polar ice cap that I am of New York drowning in a sea of irrelevance.


P.S. These are the ramblings of the artist, and have nothing to do with the opinion of my warm hearted webmaster. "

Have a good day,


Brian "I eat danger for Breakfast" Niehoff said...

what is wrong with peeing in front of a bunch of people? That's like the standard thing to do in Africa. Find the biggest audience you can and pee in front of them. Or pooping is fine too. I've seen it all, and I mean all.

Louis O'Tool said...

There is some extreme poverty in Africa, and believe me, Brian has seen poverty in his day.

RCW said...

Sounds like there's some extreme peeing and pooping too!! Sounds like he's seen alot of that in his day also!! Is that the real reason you wanted to go over there Brian?? So you could pee and poop in front of everyone?

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