Tuesday, July 10, 2007

ah yeeaah

What up G. Word. Since I am "The Gift-aka-Save Yo Lost Souls", I have found a new program to help me shape my image and work on my rapping. It's called "Hip Hop Harry". It's actually a children's program. It's Barney...from the ghetto. It's a big stuffed bear, kinda like Barney. The difference is that he wears his hat sideways and has a big medallion hanging from his neck. There's some kids there with him, but instead of singing cute little songs, they rap. You can't get any better than this. "When I say team, you say work! Team ___, team ___!" ah yeeaah. Check out the website and listen to some songs.

Good news for you game lovers. The game my parents played for years at camp is now available again. Rage is being printed again, in English. They made it in the early Eighties, then it went out of print. It was being made a couple years ago, but everything was in German. Now I found it online in English and I bought a deck yesterday. Woohoo!


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