Monday, July 16, 2007


Good Monday to everyone. On Friday I went down to Iowa to go to the Iowa Speedway in Newton with my dad. We went to a race on Friday evening, Saturday afternoon and Saturday evening. It was fun. We both picked who we thought would win each race. On the Saturday afternoon race we each picked someone and they ended up crashing into each other so we didn't do so well. The Saturday evening race was a motorcycle race. Those people are crazy. It was either 3 hours long or 2 hundred some laps, whichever came first. We stayed for awhile but it got hard to keep up with all the motorcycles and there weren't really any crashes. So we left around 8:30. Well, we should have stayed, cause a guy wiped out and his bike burst into flames and someone else ran into it. They life-flighted one guy to the hospital. Story here We tailgated between the 2 races on Saturday and listened to Lonestar. It was a good time.


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