Monday, July 2, 2007

Post Reunion Post

I've had countless numbers of people asking for a "review" of the Abbott reunion. Boy, where do I start? It all started with a whistle blow. Yes, this year they had a whistle to keep things moving along. First we ate, ate and ate. Mmmm. Good food. Then, according to the poster that had a schedule for the day, we had music and devotions. We sang "Victory In Jesus" and "I Can Only Imagine". Hmm. Then, our very own Will Mitchell gave the devotional. It went well until he bashed our awesome T-Shirts. Then, we kicked him out and beat him up. After that we had a group activity - Tug Of War. Our team, the Sparks, won one and lost one. We were unfairly knocked out of the competition. But I won't even start on that. Then some people went tubing so some of us went to the swinging bridge to dump water on them as they went under. You can tell by the picture that I actually fell asleep on the bridge. I was pretty tired. Then in the evening we went to Mabe's Pizza in Decorah for the "best pizza in the world". It's good, but I don't know about the "best".

This was a pretty small reunion. Only about 100 people. It was fun.


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RCW said...

The reunion was a rip roaring good time. I even got to golf on Sunday... which you didn't even know TJ!! I have had a couple of people here ask me how you are doing on your glass breaking record? I said I don't know but I would sure try to find out!!

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