Thursday, July 5, 2007

4th of July

Our Fourth was pretty uneventful. I had to work Tuesday night so I was sleeping Wed. morning. Stephanie had to work on the Fourth from 9-5. Everyone wants to go to OfficeMax on the Fourth of July. Who doesn't need to get office supplies on the Fourth of July. After she got off work we went to Waseca and ate supper and played croquet at Tim and Nicole's. Then we watched the fireworks in Waseca.

Stephanie's going golfing today after work. I'll make her give you a report on how she did :}



Louis O'Tool said...

I also played croquet on Independence day, although mine was a variation my brother invented. You take two croquet sets, set them up where they share wickets except the end one, then half the people play on one course, the other half on the other course. Everyone playing on the same course as you is on your team. you each have your own ball, but you only use one mallet per team, so you have to take turns. You try to get through your course as quickly as possible so you can get poisoned and start knocking out the other team. I had my best round ever because I got all the way down and back on one turn, since I kept hitting my teammates and the opposition, I got to keep collecting extra shots.

Louis O'Tool said...

My uncle has a birthday this weekend. His name is Dickie-Doo. Not kidding, he even got his own keychains made that are in the shape of a semi, since he used to drive truck, and he had Dickie-Doo printed on them and he hands them out.

TJ and Stephanie said...

Is that the one with the large head?

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