Thursday, October 17, 2013

Water/Air Experiement

Can you tip a full to the brim cup of water over and not spill the water?
Let's see....

Use a plastic cup.
Make sure it is completely full to the BRIM!
You should be able to see the 'skin' of the water bubbling up a little.

Next use a semi-thick piece of cardboard.
Place on the cup making sure there is  no air gaps.
Continue holding it on tight while you flip the cup over.
Now, let go of the cardboard, but continue holding the cup upside down.

What happens?

It does not spill!
The air pressure on the bottom of the cardboard is causing a sucking type pressure to hold the cardboard in place.

How neat is that! :)

Eventually the water will spill out, so do this trick over a large bowl or bucket.

Happy experiementing.


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