Friday, October 18, 2013

How a Windmill Functions

How a windmill works.

This is a fun little crafty experiment to show how a windmill functions.

Items you will need.

sticky tack (or clay)
2 clothes pins
bbq skewer

Cut a small piece of cardboard and place sticky tack on both ends.  Place the straw on the skewer.  Tie the string the button, and tape the other end of the string to the straw.  Cut a circle about 3" in diamter.  Punch a small hole in the exact middle of the circle, and cut from the edge toward the middle circle punch all the way around.  Then bend all the flaps the same direction to make it look like a windmill and the help it catch the breeze.  Place that on the straw.  Use more sticky tack if you need to, to help keep it in place on the straw.  Hold the skewer tight with the clothes pins, and stick into the sticky tack.

Test your windmill, and see for your self how wind power can be used to make machinery work!

Happy experimenting!


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