Saturday, June 20, 2009

Watch this!

This is Stephanie today...
Would you ever think it is so sweet to hear, "Mom watch this?" Every ten seconds of the day?! I love it. Can't get enough. or Mom come over here, or Mom play with me, or mom can I do dat? Or "yet me see"... or "Mom yook it"! Bear says y for his L's.
So great! God is so awesome. I just marvel at his wisdom everyday.

We took the kids to the new pool in town today. It was really fun. They have a tube slide and a slide you go down individually. We were able to take the boys down the tube slide. They thought that was really fun. The pool is actually very age appropriate for everyone. But yet costs money so it will be a once in a while thing.
We are going to go to fleet farm and get a small pool to put up at home. It won't be real swimming or anything, but better than nothing on those hot days.
After we hit the jackpot, and put up a fence and deck, we will get a nice big pool to put in the backyard. :)
Yesterday we were at the store and Bear was trying to tell me something.... "Mom, yook at this..." and Dad said yup..... so he kept saying it.... "mom, yook at this." Dad said yup again. And Bear said again. "mom, yook at this." I said he's going to keep saying it until mom answers. Dad says... you know, you can talk to me too!
hee hee, I thought that was funny. :)

That's a fun little snip-it from the Wright household.


Your Mother said...

Awww...this about brings tears to my eyes. You know it's like when you really anticipate something for a long time and then you finally get it you tend to enjoy it so much more. I'm so glad God knows what is best for us and when it is best for us.

God is good and he's good all the time!

Will Mitchell said...

That's incredible! love you guys and can't wait to meet them!

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