Friday, June 26, 2009

ice packs

A little ice in a baggy does wonders!
3 days this week now we've needed ice packs to heal some sort of wound. The first was the rock incident which I told about earlier on. Second was yesterday... we went to Officemax to say hi, and because I had left my lunch bag there from a few weeks ago.... we were over by the counter talking to Megan... there are chairs there.  Bear was playing around at the counter and decided he would stand up... leading to falling backwards off the chair and hit his head on the shelf... he dropped something on the way down and when I bent over to pick him up he was trying to get whatever he dropped... Good grief. I said, "Let's worry more about your head, than the thing you dropped." It wasn't that hard of a fall, glad it wasn't worse. We went right home and put ice in a baggy and he laid his head on it for a while. Then all was well.
Today, Monkey was playing with a slinky. He kept hooking it to something and seeing how far he could stretch it.... I warned him not to stretch it too far or if it let go, it would smack him somewhere and not be pretty. Of course he didn't listen. He decided that he should hold one end and give the other end to Bear and had Bear start walking down the stairs to see how far it would go! Well once down the stairs Bear decided to let go of it! And Smack.... right in the face! So again with the ice pack.... It wasn't that bad, but the ice pack makes it feel so much better! :) I asked Monkey what he learned from this lesson... he said next time he would tell Bear not to let go.... Hmmm... do you think a 2 year old is going to listen to his 5 year old brother....?!?
I guess we'll have to see if he decides to learn that lesson the hard way, twice!


Louis O'Tool said...

27? Pretty old. Wait till you get to be my age in 10 months. Then you'll really start to feel yourself breaking down. Let me clue you in on some of the symptoms you'll start to experience when you are 28. First, you will want to buy a sweet new car. Something like a Golf, or possibly even as extravagant as a Metro. And you will want it to have pinstripes or flames painted on it.
Second, you'll probably try a new diet. It must include prune juice, prunes, raisins, psyllium husks, whole-grain breads, Sam's Choice wheat buds, bran muffins, bran flakes, just straight bran and any number of things that keep your digestive system healthy and flowing smoothly.
And thirdly, while we're talking about digestive tracts and flowing smoothly, you'll find its harder to aim when you feel the urge to go #1. You'll probably decide its just easier to sit than to take your chances and possibly have to wipe the drips off the seat.
And on a related note, we were holding a Bible Study with some of the teenage boys that we have developed a relationship with. The group has grown so big they no longer fit in my car so instead of picking them up at school and transporting them home, we decided to just meet at the school. So since it was nice outside we opened the back of my car and the boys gathered around. My sister and brother are visiting from the States for a few months and they joined me at the study. We had 4 new kids this week bringing the total to 10. They have really been asking some good questions lately and this week was not an exception. So they ask a really tough one, something serious. As I'm in the middle of giving God's answer from the Bible I hear...PPPPPBBBBBTTTT!!!! My sister was sitting next to me in the back of the car and apparently one just snuck up on her and pushed its way out. If I wasn't so shocked I might have tried to cover for her, but as it was all I could do is turn and stare. I couldn't believe the sweet young girl I remember as a child could crack one off so loud. I think only 3-4 of the boys heard. Fortunately, because of my habits and reputation they probably just attributed it to me anyway. So I think she's safe. My theory is thus: You only toot in front of the people you love the most, so tooting out loud is actually a sign of affection. I tell Amber this all the time. And she doesn't buy it.

From South Africa,

Your Mother said...

I'm trying to figure out what Louie's comment has to do with the original post. Oh, yea, it's Louie it probably doesn't have anything to do with it. ;-)

TJ and Stephanie, thankful that the injuries weren't any worse. Boys will be boys!!!

Kenny Rogers said...

Hi, I'm Kenny Rogers. One time My horse Keith let out a little toot while I was riding with a some of my friends. It smelled so bad that everyone behind us got a little delirious. I even had to give CPR to one of the people to get the flow of life supplying oxygen back into their lifeless body. What lesson can we learn from this? Horses should not eat mexican food. Thats why I don't take Keith to Mexico. I've heard that all they have in Mexico is Mexican food. Don't know if it's true or not. I'll have to ask one of my stable boys, he's a mexican. I call him my little El Mariachi. Sometimes I have to put an ice bag on my horse Keith. He has arthritis real bad. It's so bad that when I ride him it makes his joints bleed. Some of you might ask why I continue to ride him, and I'll tell you, it's because I don't have another horse to ride and I have to be able to chase the chickens around the barn yard, it's so much fun. I gotta go ice Keith.

RCW said...

Boys will be boys. I am looking forward to the many stories like this that I am sure we will hear over the next 15 years or so.

Louis O'Tool said...

Take good care of Keith. Sometimes I have to ice my joints, and then the ice melts and it looks like I wet my pants. But only on the joints above my waist - you know, because of the flow of gravity and all. Unless I'm icing my knees, ankles, or toe joints while standing on my head or using my SUPERDELUX INVERSION TABLE.

And while we're on the subject, it must look really funny when Joy posts on anyone else's blog. They probably take offense and think she is trying to disrespect their mothers.

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