Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Peace and Quiet

It's so nice to have the back door open and not hearing cars, trucks and motorcycles driving back and forth.
They are redoing the road behind us so they have it all torn apart right now. It's so quiet, it's kinda weird. Of course as I'm typing this, I'm hearing a really loud construction tractor driving down the road. It's fun to watch though.

So I got on Gaither Community yesterday to check out what's going on and to see people's blogs. There is the one person called "Gospel Music Fan" that posts updates of Gaither related happenings. So she had a link about a "Five Star Report From Weekend Gaither Concerts". So I clicked it to check it out. It was my blog!! It was my report from the Des Moines concert! I thought I clicked something wrong. Nope. Although, it said it was a report from the Minneapolis concert. Pretty funny. Here's the link. Scroll down to "Gaither Makes Things Happen Over The Weekend".



Your Mother said...

That is funny! It makes it even funnier to see my comment. I had to become a member to see all it. Maybe you'll become famous. heehee!!!

RCW said...

Just think, once they get the 4 lanes in there no more quiet!!

TJ and Stephanie said...

meh....There's not really that much traffic. I don't think it will really get busier just because there are 4 lanes instead of 2. We'll see I guess. We atleast have the summer "window open" time frame of quiet before the road is finished. So that will be nice.
- from Stephanie

RCW said...

You will be able to sit on your deck and watch all the traffic go by now. That will be a nice way to spend your evenings.

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