Monday, September 17, 2007

The sad weekend continues

It's over folks. Yes, it's a sad day. The "Consecutive Working Days Without Breaking Glass" is done. I hit 43 days. I was holding a piece of glass in my hands and it shattered. It wasn't a huge piece, but it was a good size piece. My partner(only a working partner) Will, said he didn't see it hit anything. He thought it just broke. But I'm wondering if I might have nicked a piece of metal, cause that will do it. So, yes folks, I broke my 43 day streak last night at work. So sad.



Louis O'Tool said...

Where's that kid from Somalia when you need him? Abdul the Somalian hero can only save you so many times.

Will Mitchell said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family as you endure this difficult time in your life. You should probably seek counseling or something! post Glass breakage depression can be one of the most difficult types of depression to overcome! oh and by the way, you are right about one thing, i didn't see the glass nick a thing but my view from here wasn't so good :)

- Will

Melissa said...

Sad...just sad.

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