Friday, September 28, 2007


Last night some friends from church were moving. They needed somewhere to store their piano so we offered to take it. And of course this is one of those 3 million pound upright pianos. The front door to our basement is really not that far. But when your lifting a 3 million pound piano-even with 7 or 8 guys- it seems like an eternity. But we made it. All I can think of is when they want it back! I can wait to lift it up the stairs. Hopefully, that's not for a long time. Now I have to get a "Teach Yourself To Play Piano" book.



RCW said...

Sounds like when we had to move the piano out of the apartment that the Rays were living in when they were in Ankeny. Jeff threatened to take a chain saw to it. Marcia wasn't to happy about that!!
I think you can go to the store and pick up one of those "Piano for dummies" books. They have them for eveything else!!

Brian "I eat danger for Breakfast" Niehoff said...

mamma Ray say no no

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