Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Boy, was it chilly last night. It was nice. Not sure exactly how cold it got, but I had to turn on the rear defrost when I left work this morning cause there was a thin layer of ice on the back windshield. Maybe this will kill some of the bugs off. Friday's low is supposed to be around freezing. The high in the low-50's.

I also found out on Dish Network I have the "Vs Network" as a free preview channel this month. So Woohoo!, I can watch the Iowa vs. Iowa State game.



RCW said...

It's supposed to get real cold here tomorrow night. Saturday is going to real cold. At least Keith and Amy won't have to worry about freezing their ears off!!

TJ and Stephanie said...

That is a good thing, cause while Keith is building their house they are living in a display tent in front of Cabelas.

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