Friday, September 21, 2007

Headed to Iowa

We're going down to Iowa today. The Gaither concert in Des Moines is tonight. Woohoo! This will be my 14th Gaither concert. And we've been to 2 video tapings. My dad just called to inform me he was driving by the arena and saw Guy Penrod, Marshall Hall, Bill Gaither, Kevin Williams and a cop car. I think they're all being arrested. I told him he should take em out for lunch. I've seen some of the singers out and about at different cities. I never say anything to them though. Stephanie always says, "Go say something." What am I supposed to say? "Uh, I enjoy your music. Looking forward to the concert." I don't think so. I like to give em some privacy cause I know what it's like. Being a member of a wildly popular group, we had people surrounding us everywhere. The paparazzi wouldn't leave us alone. I can relate.



RCW said...

I think that Guy Penrod and Bill Gaither both recognized TJ at the concert Friday night. I'm sure they didn't want to say anything cause what are they supposed to say??? Hi there TJ I sure like your music! It was a fun concert!!

RCW said...

The Chiefs won yesterday!! Wooo hooo!! GO CHIEFS!!

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