Thursday, September 6, 2007

It's football time/Redbox

My Hawkeyes are off to a 1-0 start! Maybe they should just end the season while they're ahead. They play Syracuse, whom they barely beat last year, this Saturday evening. I'm hoping for a better season this year. The good news is they don't have to play Ohio State or Michigan this year. Hopefully they won't end up in the .Com/ Bowl.

For those of you that live in Iowa and are deprived of the Redbox DVD rental stations, your wait is over. They are now located all over at McDonalds locations in the Des Moines area, including Ankeny and Norwalk. If you don't know about them, it's just a touch-screen DVD rental station. You pick what movies you want to rent, slide your card, and go. They are a dollar a night. So if you only keep it for one night, they are dollar rentals. That's a pretty good deal, since they have brand new releases, every Tuesday that new releases come out. If they are out of a movie it just doesn't show up on the screen. If you go to their website, you can reserve movies to pick up at a certain Redbox location you pick. Also, you can get a free movie rental by going here. Just enter your email address. They don't send garbage email either. I've done this twice with 2 different email addresses and each time it was the same password - breakroom. Let me know if it's the same everywhere. It's way cheaper than a movie store. This is the only time we ever go to McDonalds. You don't have to go to the McDonalds counter either. It's off to the side. It's great.



Will Mitchell said...

I agree! Redbox is great. I think... actually I really wouldn't know b/c the time I tried, it was broken! oh well. ours is outside too so it's open 24/7! I am just waiting to hear about the gangs breaking them open and stealing all of the dvds out of the box. Of course we don't have gangs in ankeny, we sent them all to Owatanna. We just told them about Fleet Farm and Cabelas (2 wonderful stores we don't have) and they took off!

RCW said...

I might try it tonight. Mom's gonna be gone and I wanted to watch Shooter. I'll have to see how it works. Stay safe TJ and don't break your glass!!

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