Thursday, September 20, 2007


You all know I love music. All kinds. One of those genres of music is Country. I like country music. There, I admitted it. It feels good to get that out there in the open. Some of it is trash and drives me nuts. But I like a lot of it. Classic and new. I like to watch(or have it playing in the background) CMT- Country Music Television- when they are showing music videos. Although, most of the time they are showing some stupid reality show or something. Well for around 5 hours in the morning they play videos. So I flipped it on this morning to see what was playing. I was hoping to see Reba's new song, "Because Of You". I like it. It was Carrie Underwood's new video for her song, "So Small". Good song. The video was good too, the first time. Then they showed it again, and again, and again, etc. That's the only video they are showing. Over and over and over. They play it twice then go to commercial and so on. I like Carrie and her music, but seriously, come on. Now I'm sick of it. There, now I feel better.



RCW said...

Hey did Four His Glory and Britney Spears cancel from the Gaither concert. I'm gonna have to cancel my ticket!!

TJ and Stephanie said...

Due to scheduling conficts, Four His Glory had to cancel. Britney also had to cancel cause she's messed up.

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