Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Randomness v45

1.  Me- Wow, you sure gobbled up your chicken.  Or maybe I should say you clucked up your chicken. "Ba-doom, ching" ha

2.  6 yr old girl- "I'm going to save up to get an iPot"

3.  Monkey- "I want to be a monkey when I grow up"
Me- "yeah, that's not really a possible dream"

4.  6 yr old girl- "This is my 'Teddy-Cat'"

5.   16 yr old nephew-  It (Facebook) is like a frig full of leftovers.  I keep going back but it's the same old stuff.

6.   Monkey- 10 seems older than 9.

7.  6 yr old girl- "when I went to the farm I fed a pig."
Me- was it a baby pig.
girl- no
4 yr old boy- "OH, Was it a Father pig?!"

8.  Monkey- "the only part I like about funerals is the cake."

9.  Bear- Ouch, I hit my head.
Girl- "Oh, are you ok, Bud?
Bear- Yeah, but could you just call me by my name instead of Bud?"

10.  Bear- "This pizza tastes like noodles"
4 yr old foster boy- "NO it isn't!"

11.   Bear- "You can be too big, but you can't be too small."



aboveallshadows said...

These are hilarious!! I agree with your #5, #7 was particularly adorable, and #8 was my favorite of them all hahahaha!

Theresa said...

Yay more of the randomness! These are so great! Thanks for passing them on. :+)

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