Thursday, December 1, 2011

City Map

I made my own map of my town, for the kids to use in the car.

I looked up my address in google....then printed out part of the map, then move it over, and printed it, and so on until I had all the coverage I wanted.  Then I taped it together and used a contact/laminate sheet on just the top side.  Now we bring it in the car and the kids try to follow along to where we are going.  And if we show them where it is ahead of time they will try to map out all the different ways we could go to get there.

 The red dot shows where we live so they always know where to start on the map.  I made it just big enough to read all the street names, but not too big it's not manageable for using in the vehicle.

 The whole city put together.

Now I'm going to mark numbers with the regular places we go, and put a key in the bottom corner.
1= church
2= bank
3= library
etc.. :)


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