Saturday, December 17, 2011

Air Experiment-4

Air experiment- Cold air!

Are you getting colder?  Here's what you need for this experiment;
crushed ice
plastic bottle, old 2liter bottle will work great.
If you can not get crushed ice out of your fridge, then you have to go old school and put some ice in a baggie and crush it up with a rolling pin first. :)

We got to take the easy way out.  Get a cup full of crushed ice, then let the kids put it into the bottle. :)  Brrr...

Put on the lid and Shake, Shake, Shake!

Watch to see what happens!
The ice cools down the air on the inside, and when air gets cold, it shrinks.

 It makes the bottle sides go inward so there is no empty space left inside.

So cold air takes up less space than warm air.

No wonder no matter how cold it is the air seems fresh and crisp, but stuffy and overwhelming when it's hot out! ;)

Simple and amazing experiments the kids will enjoy.

Did you see what happened when we played with warm air?


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