Friday, December 16, 2011

Air Experiment-3

Air Experiment, warm air

Here's what you need:
a quarter or  half dollar
a glass bottle
hot water
large bowl/dish

You can use expanding air to make a coin jump. :)  Stand a glass bottle in a large bowl.  Wet the rim of the bottle and set your coin on top.  Next pour in the hot water.  Make sure to keep holding onto the bottle. :)  The warm water heats up the air inside the bottle and that warm air needs to get out so it pushes the coin upward.

It does not make the coin float. :)  lol....but you can hear it tinking on the glass as the air is pushing the coin up and up and up.  I tried taking pictures of it moving, but it's such a small movement and so fast it's hard to see the difference.  Let's see if you can tell which one has the coin flat on the bottle top, and which one twitched a little bit!

Give up?  I guess you will just have to try this experiment out at your own house to hear and see the coin jump!

Ok....the first picture is flat, and the second picture it lifted up ever so slightly on the side closest to my finger. :)  See it now?!  If not, then you better resort to doing it yourself.  The kids thought it was amazing!

Yes, simple and amazing.  Who can beat that?!

If warm air expands....what happens to cold air?  Check out part two of this air experiment, cold air.


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