Friday, July 1, 2011

Yay and Nay v4


This was Monkey's second year playing soccer.  He super loves it!

It was so rainy the whole spring/soccer time they missed lots of games and practices.

Monkey got to play goalie a couple of times and again....LOVED it!  And was really good at it.

Practice times ended up being down the street so we could all walk there.

His team never won.  And had barely any goals for all games combined.
nay...but great effort! ;)

With having the foster kids here during this time and it always being chilly and rainy I missed all but one game.

Here's some shots of Monkey in action! ;)

He's such an athletic kid!  I think he'll do great at everything.  Now if only he had the patience to match it....then we'd have that true success! :)


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