Saturday, July 16, 2011

On the Lake

I know this is a terrible picture...but it was pitch black outside since it was so late at night.  There were no lights....and when you use a flash in that darkness you need no movement.  Well there was movement.  
I'm using the picture, because I "risked my life" walking out on the dock to take this picture. :)

God's Beauty in Creation :)

 Ok no water in this picture, but I thought I'd ad it to this bunch anyway. :)

This is the climbing wall at the camp with the light on top.  
And the little moon in the sky.  
I like this picture.

Then the Bumper Boats.
 Monkey with Grandma Shirley.

 Bear with Dad.
Uncle and Cousin, and Grandma were out there too. :)  A family event.

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