Saturday, July 16, 2011

Marshmallow Guns

Playing with a marshmallow gun for the first time!  

He was so excited he couldn't wait for the instructions to be over before he started practicing.  

Typical 7 year old.  Right?!

 Practice that aim!

Piecing it together.  Then you glue it.

 Ready to go Mom!

You could also paint them or decorate with duct tape.  We opted out of that idea.

Seems to me like the paint would just scratch or flake off?!  It still works just the same without paint also!   Just a word of advice....don't do it when it's super muggy out because the marshmallows quickly turn sticky and could easily get stuck in the gun.  And if you glued your gun together it's hard to get them out.  We started to notice them getting sticky the other day when we were playing with it at home.  We will have to make one for Bear next year so they can actually 'war' safely with each other.  It's a little uneven right now with one versus nothing. :)

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