Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Randomness v33

Monkey-Mom, we are really getting behind here!
Me- What are you talking about?
Monkey- Like, almost everyone is having more than 2 kids, and we still just have 2!

Bear- Mom, it would be cool if I had 2 heads.  Then I could wear 2 hats at the same time.

Monkey- What is snot?
Bear- It's boogers that are dried up and wet.
Monkey- How can they be dried up and wet at the same time?

Monkey- I yawn sometimes for no reason.
Bear- I don't do it much.  Just, like, sometimes in the morning.

(I thought it was funny how he used the word like)  :)

We were singing His banner over me is love.....Monkey says, is this the weewee song?
TJ- What are you talking about?
Monkey- You know....Jesus is the rock in a wee wee land?
TJ- Uh.....it's Jesus is the rock in a weary land!


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