Thursday, January 1, 2009


I got a new Canon Rebel for my birthday in 2009.  And I am in LOVE!  I can't learn enough about it.  I have such a long way to go...but it's been fun, and I'm always learning something new, or trying something again and again until I remember all the little tricks and features.

I'd love to turn this hobby into a small business.  I'm working on that through my photography blog.  So far I am learning through great people who are giving me a chance to do some photography for their family, kids, events, etc.  Besides my own photography desires of all the beautiful things around us in nature!

I also have, what I think, are great shots and I am trying to market them as files for sale.  I've started this process as a trial by using a pay pal account through my photography blog.  Check out some of my alphabet art and other nature/scenery shots that might be great artwork for you!

And if you're in the area and would love to give me some more practice time in, let me know and I'd love to shoot some family photos for you! :)

I also have a great opportunity to work with a friend who is growing in his photography business and he is going to let me work with him on some of his wedding shoots this coming summer.  What a wonderful opportunity.


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