Thursday, January 8, 2009

eye exam/carpet

I just got back from an eye exam.  I went to an Opthamologist instead of a regular Optometrist.  I'm not really sure the technical difference.  I would have to look it up.  But I think the Opthamologist figures your prescription and also checks everything else about the eye including glaucoma, and any infections, or some other thing that might be wrong with your eye.  Where the Optometrist mainly just checks your eyes to see what your prescription is.  Like I said I don't know the real difference, that is my conclusion after being to an Opthamologist for the first time.  He did lots more things to my eyes than I have ever had done before.  I had my eyes dialated.  Everything is kinda blurry.  And my pupils are huge. 
The guys are here installing the carpet as I type this.  I'll post a picture when they get done.

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