Monday, January 5, 2009


Yesterday mom and I were installing the outlets and switches downstairs.  First of all, I had my directions mixed up.  (I shut off the Middle and East breakers for the basement.)  Mom comes down and says, You have the power off right?!  I said Yes.  TJ comes down and says you have the power off right?!  I said yes.  So I start working on the first outlet.  As I'm hooking up the outlet, I felt something like a pinch.  I thought I poked my finger on the sharp corner of the outlet.  Mom was watching me and I said, I just poked my finger.  But then I felt a bigger pinch.  I said....... or maybe I shocked myself because it just happened again.  I think I turned off the wrong breaker.  Sure enough,  I was supposed to shut off the West and middle not the east.  So I was backwards.  There aren't any switches on the east side yet.  So shocked myself 2 times yesterday.  Both TJ and Mom said, we asked if you had the power off and you said Yes!   Well, I thought I did.  So today, I'm trying to figure out why one of the breakers keeps blowing.  I called Adam to see and he said one of the ground wires may be too close to one of the black screws so I had to check them all today.  So before working yes, I shut off all 3, yes I said 3 basement breakers.  I finally figured it out and got it to work.  The last light switch just needed to be pushed back in the box and secured.  As I was pushing it in... the light is on mind you.... My finger touched the black and gold at the same time.  And I said.... "awawawawawaw".  Third time's a charm huh?!  Duh!  So I shut off the power yet again just to secure the box to the wall.  Everything's good and hooked up now, it all works and is secured properly!  Yay.  After I electrocuted myself I came upstairs to eat supper, and spilled my whole plate of food on my pants and the chair..... then I almost fell down the stairs.  TJ was sure that something happened to me after getting shocked!  I feel ok though.  For now. :)


Will Mitchell said...

Wow Steph! Remind me not to let you work on my wiring :) Glad your ok and all but seriously, that's ridiculous. lol

RCW said...

Hey Stephanie... you might want to stick to scrap booking!! HEE!! HEE! So did you fall today too or are you okay now?

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