Thursday, April 16, 2009

New York Recap

TJ keeps telling me to do this, so now is the time. New York was SOOOOOO great! I totally want to go back again sometime. I'm going to get TJ to go with me next time. There is plenty to do, and we didn't not come close to doing it all. We spent most of our time around Times Square. On our way there we realized that Rockefeller Plaza was only 4 blocks from our hotel so that was cool. We walked up to the Ed Sullivan Theater, and we wanted to go to the Hello Deli. It was closed, and we thought maybe he was only open when Dave was taping, but as we got closer there was a sign in the window that said, Attention Customers, after 16 years, we are finally going on vacation we will be gone from Friday through Monday. Rupert and Mary.
So the only time they've ever gone on vacation was the only 4 days we were there! Oh well. Maybe next time.
Saturday it was raining... we had quite the adventure on the bus tour getting soaking wet, and freezing our hind end's off! It wouldn't have been so cold if we were not wet! But it was still fun, and funny to think back on. :) Dana and Lyle's wedding was set for 6:30 on Saturday, and it stopped raining just in time! That was awesome. We took some really neat pictures of them in Central Park. The trees are already budding over there, and the grass is green, so that made it look even prettier.
On Sunday it was nicer. A little windy, but Sunny! We took a bus tour UpTown, along Central Park, through Harlem, The Upper East Side, and down Millionaire Mile. I got lots of pictures of really cool buildings. We went past the Museum of Natural History. We should have gone there after hours to see the people come to life. :) ha ha
In the afternoon we had a Cruise booked to go around the island. We got to see the skyline, and they told us about the buildings, not that I really remember it all, or any of it! :) And we drove right past the Statue of Liberty. We decided not to take the ferry out to the Island since we drove right by it anyway. It looks pretty much the same when you are 50 yards, compared to 50 feet away from it. Just bigger I guess! I took lots of pics of that too. If you want to pretend you were there, just send me a picture of yourself, and I'll photshop you in. :)
Late Sunday night we got in line to go to the top of the Empire State Building. I think we finally got to the top and out on the observation deck about 11pm... it was so beautiful to see the city in lights at night. I'm glad we went at night instead of during the day. Interesting tid bit about the Empire State Building.... They built it in 13 months... building 4 stories a week. They almost went bankrupt because of building so quickly, and no one wanted to rent it, or come see it. But then the movie kind kong came out, and once they filmed him at the top in the movie, everyone wanted to come and go to the top. So the movie saved it from going bankrupt. In fact, so many people came after that, there was a constant 8 hour wait to get to the top for 5 straight years after the movie came out. I could not imagine waiting in line for 8 hours just to go to the top. We only waited for a little over an hour.
Monday morning we went to the Today show, and got to be on TV! Plus I got a picture of LeAnn Rimes. She was right in front of me. I could have touched her if I wanted, but that would be weird. Some of the pics are on facebook. I can't post all 400.... that would take forever. Just think how big my scrapbook is going to be!
Well.... that's the recap. I could say more, but I better keep it short.

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Your Mother said...

Thanks for sharing your recap. It sounds so exciting. I felt like I was right there with you. ;-)

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