Saturday, April 11, 2009

Live from New York

Hey all!  We are at Dana's hotel helping her prepare her hair for the big wedding.  Yesterday was beautiful.  Today it rained, and rained.  It has finally let up, just in time for the wedding! Yay.... We took a taxi to get here.  That was awesome.  They made me be the one to hail the taxi. 
We're having a great time, even considering we were soaking wet after riding the open top bus and walking in the rain all day.
We'll I'll get into all the details later.  Just letting you know we're having a good time.  We need to skit-scat over to central park for the wedding now.


TJ and Stephanie said...

sweet. Tell David Letterman "Hi" for me.

Your Mother said...

Sounds like you all are having fun. Anxious to hear all the stories and see the pictures.

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