Monday, April 6, 2009


I don't do drama. I'm not serious enough.

I'm in the Easter Cantata at church. I'm not singing in the choir, but am speaking. It's a dialogue between Peter, John, Jesus and Mary between songs. I'm John. It's not even really acting. It's just reading. But I have a really hard time reading with passion in my voice without being funny. I'm too much of a comedian. On Saturday evening we had practice at church. Thankfully, it was just the readers. I'm the first one to speak and when I read my first line I read it with a low voice like a radio DJ. Well, that set off Keith(Peter) and Bri(Mary). Jesus wasn't really laughing. So every time we read read we would try not to laugh then someone would hear a little snicker and we would all bust out laughing. It was not good. So we'll see how the real performance is. I'm normally fine during the real thing. Hopefully.



RCW said...

Well if it helps your Mother and I will be there to support you. I not so sure that will be a help. Mom says she will be there and she is the serious one so if you need to just look at her.

Your Mother said...

It's too bad they don't do stand up comedy at Easter cantata's.

Washow said...

I would love to be there. Maybe I could read with you. I'm sure we would make it through fine. Make sure your dad video tapes the cantata just incase you start laughing. Do you remember the trio that we sang for the Sunday School program a few years back. That was hilarious!

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