Friday, April 10, 2009

Hand Model

I'm sorry, but this is funny. I got this off of

Iowa Hand Model Settles Suit With Martha Stewart

A Clive hand model and magician who lost a fingertip in a mishap with a lounge chair marketed under the Martha Stewart Everyday brand and sold by Kmart has settled a lawsuit with the companies.

An attorney for Patrick Albanese says the confidential settlement was reached Thursday. Albanese filed the lawsuit in November, claiming the chair collapsed when he moved it last June, snipping off the tip of his right index finger.

Albanese claimed Kmart and Martha Stewart were negligent for not issuing a warning about the chair, for not inspecting the chair and in its design.

The fingertip was reattached but Albanese's attorney, Guy Cook, says he still has some loss of feeling in the fingertip, which has affected his slight of hand magic skills.


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