Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fire Marshall

I just got done putting up more drywall. I thought I was done with that. The fire marshall came yesterday and there were a few things we have to do. Nothing major, thankfully. We have to get a bigger fire extinguisher. We had to move the Carbon Monoxide detector upstairs and we have to put some drywall on the ceiling in the storage area under the steps. That's what I was doing. Not quite done with it. 

I'm watching American Idol right now. Blah. They're singing Michael Jackson songs. Not super impressed with anyone right now. Maybe Lil Rounds. There's still a few more left. 

Peace out dog.



Your Mother said...

So do you have to mud and tape the dry too? Glad it wasn't anything major.

It is really cold here tonight. The winds are blowing an hundred miles an hour, well, it feels like it.

TJ and Stephanie said...

Nope. Don't have to mud and tape, just drywall.

Your Mother said...

Cool! Stay warm up there!!

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