Wednesday, March 25, 2009


We're switching. Right now we have Dish Network for our tv. We are switching to DirecTV on Saturday. We have Qwest for phone and internet. Since we have Verizon for cell phone service and Verizon is offered under Qwest now, we decided to bundle. DirecTV is offered under Qwest so we decided to bundle everything and switch over. So now we are going to have HD! Woohoo! Plus, we'll have 100 more channels. Finally... Fox News, Gospel Music Channel, Big Ten Network, Boomerang, DIY, GAC, Hallmark Channel, The Golf Channel, plus a bunch of XM Satellite radio stations including a Southern Gospel Music station! 

We're trying to sell our entertainment center. We want something smaller. We also got rid of the tv in our bedroom. We never really watched it. We're getting rid of a lot of stuff and we having a garage sale the first weekend in April. 


1 comment:

Your Mother said...

Now you'll be watching TV 24/7, well almost.

Are you putting your entertainment center on Craigslist?

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