Monday, March 16, 2009


Wow! 66 degrees outside. This is great. Just a taste of spring. 

Just a warning for you Facebook users. If you are married and both of you have an account, make sure the other person is signed out before you use it. I was looking at some pictures on Saturday and the Skype phone rang. I saw it was Stephanie's sister so I just gave the computer to her. After she was done talking she got on Facebook and was looking at the same pictures on our friends facebook account that I was looking at. Then she decided to leave a comment on the picture. The comment said, "So gorgeous." Of course it was a picture of a woman. And of course she was still signed in under my name! Thankfully, she noticed what she did right away and deleted it. Then she didn't know if it would still send her an email about it. Thankfully, it didn't. I thought it was pretty funny. 

Tomorrow is Grand Ole Opry night on American Idol. Randy Travis is the mentor and he and Carrie Underwood are singing together on Wednesday's show. I like country week even though a lot of them do really bad. We'll see. 



TJ and Stephanie said...

she was online so I asked her about it right away, because I didn't want her to get an email saying TJ Wright commented "So Gorgeous" on her photo album! !! I didn't know what she would think about that. :)
LOL- she thought it was pretty funny too!

RCW said...

You covered yourself pretty good on that one. So was she cute or not??

TJ and Stephanie said...

You can ask her. I think she reads this blog.

Washow said...

What do you think about the picture of Paul Todd?

TJ and Stephanie said...

Sweet. That's an awesome picture. So you figured out how to post a comment. Cool.

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