Saturday, March 7, 2009


As I begin my first blog with my new format I can't help but think of what life would be like without pretty butterflies. The beautiful reds, blues, orange, greens and purples interwoven to create an eloquent specimen.  If it weren't for butterflies there would be no cocoons. That amazing silky ball that is formed by the butterfly. I've begun to think that life is like a cocoon. With all of life's amazing intricate....... AHH! Sorry, I tried. But the new format of the blog won't be happening. I have no amazing life-lessons that I've learned from butterflies or cocoons. This will be the same old blog that you've always known- a bunch of nonsense. But this time I'll keep up with my blogging. Now I better get back to cleaning up the house. We're cleaning out the closets and cleaning up the basement. The fire marshall is coming on Monday. They finally got our money and paperwork and gave us a call on Friday. Now that we found out they don't really need to come. That's alright though. It's better to get it done with. 



Your Mother said...

Wow, that was powerful! Well, maybe not. Thanks for updating us on what is going on in your home.

One little comment about your new look, it is hard to read your blog where the pen is.

TJ and Stephanie said...

Don't read the blog where the pen is. Scroll down and the words will go up.

TJ and Stephanie said...

Is this better?

RCW said...

I think that this look is "Most Excellent" Welcome back.

Your Mother said...

Yes, this is much easier to read. You'll understand when you get as old as me. Thanks for your fine work!

Kenny Rogers said...

I just watched the third movie on the right side of this blog and I'll be darned if on of the ZZ top guys wasn't singing with the Oakridge Boys.

Speaking of Butterflies, I killed a butterfly with a twelve gauge shotgun once. Some people might say thats "Over kill" and I'll tell you what, it sure did.

FYI, I had finally settled in my heart that this blog was gone. I was OK with it. I don't think I can lose it again. You better take this commitment seriously cause people's live are depending on it.
I'm gonna go take my Jeep Cherokee for a spin.
Kenny Out

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