Sunday, September 28, 2008

What's new with you?

Here's what's new with us....
This is Stephanie posting by the way, just thought I would throw that out there for props because TJ says I never post anything on here.
Last week we got word that our Home Study was completed (YAY)... and they sent us a copy to have for our records.  So that was exciting!  We had them send it off to different states/agencies towards specific sibling groups that we are interested in learning more about.  We are praying that they will send us some sort of info stating that they received it and then hopefully tell us what their process is and how many visits they have you do, and any other steps you have to go through before being considered... la dee da.  So again we are waiting, but one step closer so that is cool.
Saturday night we went to Lowe's to get the wood for framing the bedroom walls in the basement.  Our friend Keith is coming over to help us with that!  We are thankful for his expertise, and willingness to help toward this cause. :)  When we were at Lowe's we forgot to bring gloves to go through all the wood with so we were being careful handling it as to not get any splinters.  Well, when we were loading it onto the trailer, I was moving a board and a splinter when straight into my finger.  It was very painful.  When we got home, I had to get it out right away, so I grabbed the tweezer... I could only see a little piece of it because it literally went straight into my finger.  When I pulled it out it was 1/4" long.  If it were any longer it would have gone all the way through my finger and out the other side!  OUCH!  I've never had them go straight in like that they are normally parallel with the skin.  Interesting:)
Tomorrow is the big day to put up the walls! So hopefully we have what we need.  At least Lowe's is not that far away if we need something extra.  Maybe I'll take pictures so you can see the progress.  After the walls are up they have to come inspect to see that we did it according to the plans we provided for them, so that will be Inspection #2.  Then we can pull the electrical through and have them come for inspection #3.  So let the fun times begin!
Look for more details to come, and maybe even progress pictures!
Until next time, this is Stephanie Wright reporting live from Owatonna, Minnesota.


Will Mitchell said...

Thanks for Posting Steph! we are doing good and excited to see you guys! careful w/ those splinters. That sounds like a pretty bad one! you should have taken a picture of the splinter after you pulled it out to put on the blog

TJ and Stephanie said...

Wow! I'm shocked! Stephanie actually posted something.


RCW said...

Wow!! You're gonna have everything done before we get there!! I guess we can paint

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