Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Camping Weekend

What a great weekend. The weather was perfect. Not too hot, not too cold. I spent most of the time sitting around the fire. It's so relaxing. Especially when the smoke blows in your face. We had Stephanie's sister's kids in our tent with us since Tim and Nicole weren't there cause she just had a baby. Congrats, by the way, to Tim and Nicole on the birth of their daughter, Kacee Ruth Perrizo. 

On Sunday morning, my nephew Elijah took a tumble down the ladder on the playground at the campground. He had to get 4 staples in his head. OUCH! He's doing good though. 
And on Sunday night the campground did their annual Karaoke evening. And once again Stephanie and I sang the Carpenters,
 "Superstar". I also sang the Carpenters, "Hurting Each Other" by myself. It was awful. Just horrendous. I couldn't hear the music so I couldn't find the right key and then it was just too high so I was way off during the verses. I mean WAY off. And I sang it loud too. It was sooo bad. I made the most of it though. 


1 comment:

RCW said...

You might have been way off key but it was still a riot to listen to!! At least you got up there.

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