Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Here's the latest. We are actually still playing the waiting game. I believe they are reviewing our home study right now. That is suppose to take 7-10 days. Things right now aren't looking to good for Nathen and Chyann. They have been visiting a family in Colorado for awhile now. And their social worker is pretty set on them. They are still accepting home studies for them so we will still send them one. But we have already been looking at other waiting children in the U.S. and have our eyes set on a couple other sibling groups too. We are fine with it if it's not who God wants for us. We know His way is best so we are just trusting Him. We are just excited to adopt! We'll see! That's the latest.


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RCW said...

We have really been praying for you both. We know that God already knows the kids you are going to have. We know that the wait isn't easy though so we are praying that God would help you in that area. We are so proud of your attitude right now. We love you both and will continue to pray that God would provide kids for you!!

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