Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Now what...I don't know

Waiting. Still waiting. Nothing yet. We sent them an email cause we're just curious what's next. 

We went to the Steele County Fair last night. That was fun. A lot of good food. We had a gyro, kabob, cheese curds, mini doughnuts, and a quesadilla. Good times. I like walking through the RV's. That was fun. We put a down payment on a couple of em. 

This weekend at our church in Faribault is our Neighbor's Night Out where we invite all the neighbors around the church and others to come for supper and different games. Stephanie and I are in charge so we're busy getting all of that stuff together. It'll be fun, but I'll be glad when it's over. Then I can put more attention on adoption. 

We are also going to be finishing off our basement in the VERY near future, hopefully. We only have two bedrooms right now upstairs, so we figured if we're going to adopt a boy and a girl(Lord willing) we better get the basement finished so we have more rooms. 

So there's a lot going on right now. We'll be happy when it's over- the wait that is. 


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RCW said...

We went to the Iowa State Fair on Monday. We got in on a cooking demonstration by Machine Shed Resturant. We had some Chipolti stuffed pork chop and some banana creme pie. Both very good!! I also had a cheese burger and a pork chop on a stick. No turkey leg this year! We spent most of the day there. Just wandering around. It was fun. It was a perfect day for it!!
The more I look at the kids the more I hope these are the ones that the Lord has for you guys. They are just so cute. They would fit right into our family of cute people!!

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